Dr Samantha McGaughey

Sam is a postdoctoral research fellow at the Australian National University in the Plant Sciences Division at the Research School of Biology.

She completed her PhD at the University of Adelaide in 2020 under the supervision of Assoc. Prof. Caitlin Byrt and Prof. Steve Tyerman. Sam’s research is focused on investigating membrane transport processes and engineering proteins that facilitate transport across plant membranes to improve crop tolerance to environmental stress and advance bio-inspired membrane separation technologies for industrial application. 

Sam is passionate about making a real-world difference with her research in Plant Science. Sam is currently involved in the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation funded project C4 Rice to improve the photosynthetic capacity of rice and increase yields for small-hold farmers. Sam is also part of the team developing technology that enables critical resources to be recycled from waste water from diverse industries.

Dr Sam McGaughey is co-Founder and co-Director of Membrane Transporter Engineers.




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